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Our EMV Grant Application submitted in July 22 - was not successful

We have asked EMV how they can help us now. What can they do to help us?

Project Title * Hills Creative Community Self Help Initiative 

Identify the natural disaster risk this project is addressing.

* Recent experience and the changing nature of the climate has resulted in communities in the area from Tremont to Kalorama across the summit of Mt Dandenong, to be exposed to a frightening range of natural disaster risks including Fires, Storms and Landslides, with potential also for House Flooding, Earthquakes, and Pandemic.  

* This project will provide opportunities and resources for the communities and services that support Tremont, Ferny Creek, Sassafras, Olinda, Mt Dandenong and Kalorama depending on what the needs of the communities are by next October, but based on the significant delays in providing help to develop the resilience of our communities, we anticipate that there will still be a considerable need to provide opportunities to get together to develop the necessary community infrastructure to ensure that we are not again left in the vulnerable situations that we are in now – over one years after the storm of June 2021.


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