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Recording for History Archive

12 6 22

To Mount Dandenong Historical Society 

I am emailing to make contact, to discuss how the Mount Dandenong and District Historical Society might be able to work with the Hills Creative Alliance and other local organisations involved in post storm support, to record and archive the stories of those storm survivors and others who are interested to tell the stories of the storm and its ongoing aftermath. 

We are planning to apply for funds to create a book that tells the story and values the support and effort put in to supporting the community and coping with the devastation. However we are realising that there are a huge number of important stories of witnesses of the storm.  Also as part of the recovery after the disaster that wrecked homes and devastated the forests, telling our stories helps as part of the therapy we need. 

We may be able to use well known oral history techniques,  generating and preserving original, historically interesting information – primary source material – from personal recollections through planned recorded interviews. We can apply for funding for this.

Lots of people are keen to see how they can help and I am sure that there are community members willing to train to hear stories and at some stage record and also update stories, for people who prefer not to write their own stories. 

We will be happy to meet up with you and perhaps get a joint working group formed to progress this. 

And …… please let me know how I can join the MDHS

All good wishes


Liz Millman

Secretary: Hills Creative Alliance



An application was submitted on behalf of HCA for a YRC Grant of $10,000 in July 2022

Details to be posted

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