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Project 2 ‘Reflections of the Storm' RAV

Regional Arts Victoria - Storm Recovery Grant  > Nov 21 - end Jan 22 (extended) 

Status - Granted !  RAC Granted $1,500

‘Reflections of the Storm’

The funding will support the newly formed 'Hills Creative Alliance’, a not-for-profit organisation, to undertake a small project with big potential.

It is an online written/visual/musical presentation and response to the Storm, the stories and the aftermath.

Working with Creative Artists, who live in the area affected by the Storm, to take on the challenge to respond in writing, poetry, song, film, or any other medium or art form that can be shared online.

The ‘Hills Creative Alliance’ is a direct response to engage Creative Artists in the process of helping our communities overcome the trauma of the Storm and its aftermath.

Update: Hills Photographic Society members have agreed to partner with artists to present their work on line.

HCA Supporting Document: Click Here 

HCA Application: 


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